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“INDRA Theater Group”  is a theater group, which was founded by Atefeh Tehrani in 2008. The group focus is to create a unique style of expression by engaging Physical Theater, Contemporary Dance, Dance Theater, and Butoh. The style allows the team to create moments of both individual expressions as well as group expression. 

INDRA’s Members :
Atefeh Tehrani (Founder) | Navid Hedayatpour (Permanent member) | Alireza Mir Mohammadi (Permanent member) | Mohammad Hedayat Zade | Maryam Bagheri | Sina Saberi | Mina Seyedin.
 INDRA’s Projects:
“OTELLO” Performed in Iran, Poland, Germany, and Netherlands.Won best directing-best costume design-best set design from World Theater Critics in Fajr International Theater Festival.

When people ask me “what is contemporary theater?” I usually don’t respond on my own and suggest that they look it up. To me art isn’t indeed a strange significance. I believe all sorts of art are integrated in the age we are living in. However by integrated i don’t mean chaos or abuse because the real art is always in order itself. I believe we should not try to define art. From my point of view, contemporary theater is a compilation of movements, sounds,dance and lights.

Basically when art comes close to it’s true essence,the first thing that happens is that rules are out and life is full of sounds and pictures. To me theater is creativity, living, rhythm and the moment a performer makes my eyes hear and my ears see that is art. Art is an admission, for persistent artists in different periods of time, art was a way to impress themselves and this makes creativity because by using it correctly you present your real self.

Atefeh Tehrani

Atefeh Tehrani | INDRA | Cafe’ Lethe | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

INDRA | Cafe’ Lethe | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

INDRA | Cafe’ Lethe | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh