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Graduated from Azad University in Theater. Member of the board of Iranian theater Forum. Member of the board of directors of the Theater Forum. Theater and Acting Instructor.

“Theaters can role as a tool to derive a much better society, country or even a better world. This is what I believe in.
Theaters are not just a stage for my profession. It is my “love” and my “life”. I find my character in theaters and it gives me the ability to improve my concepts in my community. Theaters are like a window in a room, metaphorically; when you stand in front of it, you can see another perspective and your visions become more profound.”
Hamid Pourazari

Sâl Sâniye | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

Sâl Sâniye | Photo by Alborz Teymoorzadeh

Hamid Pourazari is known for the unconventional projects he stages in bars, garages, and apartments & etc.He often elaborates his pieces through workshops for young professional and amateur actors and successfully combines his enthusiasm for the transforming power of theater to high artistic ambitions.

His latest project is «Sâl Sâniye», a work created in Tehran with a team of ten young female performers and was staged in Switzerland in “Spektakel Theater Festival”.
Currently, “Sal Saniye” is on stage in Tehran. He decided to perform his show on a tennis court in Sa’d Abad Palace.